A solution to stop doors slamming/being slammed?

I need a solution to stop doors being slammed by teenage kids, which
in turn shakes the whole house.
Mrs dg insists that it MUST be an ironmongery solution, and not
related physical or surgical treatment, or sending the kids off to a
care home.
I've looked at the pneumatic kitchen cabinet closers, but these would
not seem to fit on a normal internal door, and not be strong enough in
any case.
I've also looked at a dictator, but these seem obtrusive and need to
work with a door closer mechanism. I don't want any annoying self
closing doors
The sponge things to prevent younger children from trapping their
fingers are no good, as we need the doors to close.
Are there any anti-slam products available for lightweight internal
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Tell me about it...
We solved it instantly by threatening to unscrew daughter's bedroom door and removing it completely, indefinitely.
Followed it through, just for one day, and then replaced it following day after much begging amd cajoling and promises of no repetition.
Curiously enough, as a solution to slamming doors, it's worked an absolute treat - better than any other 'punishment' we've ever had to implement.
No reason why it can't be extended to other doors - ie, you slam my kitchen door, then say bye bye to your bedroom door...
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I use a hydraulic (not pneumatic) door closer on the kitchen door and it works fine. They are, however, not cheap - and must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions.
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Malcolm H
You bring back an old memory that my grandparents used to have a sort of scarf tied around the lock from one knob to the other. I think I was told it was to prevent slamming in their draughty Victorian house. Experiment shows it does work (though I don't have a British Standard teenager to do a proper test :). The thickness of material has to be selected according to the gap between door and frame such that it requires a bit of force to actually close the door. Perhaps something could be contrived with foam strip.
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I think that you need to work on Mrs dg.
It seems to be a common issue - not sure whether it's carelessness, can't be bothered, f*ck you, pissing against lampposts or a combination.
Unless you want to fit door closer mechanisms, which you say you don't, and I agree with you, I never found a hardware solution in terms of the actual doors being slammed.
What did work, and is a hardware solution, was to take the door off of their bedrooms for a week or until the door banging stopped. Privacy is one of the most valued things to a teenager and it did seem to work better to address the issue rather than the symptom.
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Andy Hall
In article ,
Excellent advice, Pavlov. Best to fit the door on rising butts so it can be easily removed if the training has a lapse.
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Dave Plowman (News)
Try a strip of draught proofing foam down the hinge side and one down the opening side. It will at least dull the thud.
If you have kids like that then you need to look at training in being assertive and crowd control. Try taking one of their favourite things off them if they keep doing it if they want to behave like five year olds treat them like five year olds. At worst they will threaten to leave.
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I've had the oppposite problem, getting children to close doors. In fact getting Spouse to close a door is difficult :-(
It's a pity you can't use a surgical, or even capital, solution ...
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Mary Fisher
Does anyone know of any solution for smug contributors who either haven't had any teenage children or who have been blessed with less "spirited" offspring? Do they really think that all teenage behaviour is down to poor parenting?
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There are door closers that also hold doors in the open position and only self-close after the door has been moved away from the fully open position. Look for an architectural ironmonger, who will be able to advise you exactly what is available.
Colin Bignell
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On Oct 7, 6:00 pm, "dennis@home" wrote:
Yes, you're right, I was a bit quick to jump! Teenagers can bring the worst out in you..................................... . I don't know where they get it from!!!
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maybe genes, friendship difficulties, bullying, problems at school, wider family issues, bereavement, emotional difficulties of various kinds, frustrations of life, physical health issues, mental health issues, etc etc
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Teenagers are examinng their ability to affect the world at large, and in whet way, and see how far that power extends.
A solution that basically shows them that their power does NOT extend to replacing a door you have removed, is salutary, and basic. Go for it.
A teenager is a child desperately trying to become an adult. If they behave like children, treat them like children.
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The Natural Philosopher
Indeed. I try to explain that in terms of wrecking the planet. 100 lightbulbs left on = one door/window left open all evening with a thermostatically controlled CH zone.
Of course then she come down in te morning and finds the REST of the house at tropical temperatures and opens all the OTHER windows as well.
Divorce. Its the only way.
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The Natural Philosopher

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