Marks on tiles

I've had to drill close to some matt finish ceramic tiles and left a
mark on one of them when a metal part of the drill body brushed across it.
I've tried to rub the mark off with a rag and some water but it's still
there. Anyone got any thoughts on how to remove it?
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In article , F writes:
It's probably metal and may not come off. You could try an acid such as hydrochloric to dissolve it, but definately try it on a tile which doesn't show first. Also beware of damage it might cause elsewhere, e.g. it will dissolve enamel (such as on an enamelled bath), and marble.
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Andrew Gabriel
Ouch bit drastic. Get some "Bar Keepers Friend" or maybe good old fashioned Vim scouring powder. The former removes marks from our white oven ware left by metal servers etc with no problems. Marks the normal washing won't shift.
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Dave Liquorice

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