How to shave a bit off ceramic tiles?

There are a couple of places in the house where ceramic wall tiles have
pulled away from the plaster underneath, and some more sound hollow when
tapped so are likely to pull away soon. Investigation shows they won't
go back in place as the wall has shrunk slightly (or else the tiles have
expanded, which seems unlikely).
It seems a lot of work to remove and re-lay the entire tiled wall, so
I'd prefer just to re-fit the few which have pulled away, as the rest
seem firm enough. But this means taking a tiny bit, less than a
millimetre, off the edge of a few tiles. I am guessing that it would
not be an easy thing to do with a tile cutter or a tile saw. I suspect
it could be done by grinding or filing along the edge, but I'm not sure
of the best tool for the job.
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Clive Page
What grouting gap have you got, such that less than a millimetre will make them fit ? Are they butted up or have the spacing nibs on ? You can shave a bit off with an electric tile cutter, or simply a diamond tile file (from B&Q etc). Simon.
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In article , Clive Page writes:
Often they are very soft. Rubbing on a sheet of sandpaper would so it, or a belt sander even faster. This even works with quite hard ceramic floor tiles.
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Andrew Gabriel
Bench grinder,if you have one? shouldn't be a problem taking off the amount you need regardless of wheel type.
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In message , sm_jamieson writes
There seems to be no gap at all, but actually that's with the spacing nibs on. Maybe I just need to grind these off, and that will reduce the size enough.
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Clive Page

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