Ineed to find a capacitor for my Dremel Scrollsaw Motor

This one
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is a 16uF but should do the trick, and they have others there, too, although the particular form factor in 12uF was out of stock, hence the link to 16.
Which Dremel scroll saw model, by the way? The more recent ones use brushed DC motor that does not need a capacitor, so I'm guessing it's an older model? Anyhow, the amount of 12uF/250V capacitors available for ordering online is immense,  any respectable electronics distributor (Newark, Jameco etc.) or large enough retailer such as Amazon has them. Just look for non-polar metalized polypropylene film type which is suitable for motors. You'll also have to pick the right physical size and shape - there are quite a few options there and without knowing which model saw it is I can't tell which capacitor will fit. It's likely easier to just measure the old one which I hope you didn't throw it out yet and look up the specs for proper size of the new.
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