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Combination Boiler
Hi All I've got a combination boiler and whenever you use hot water for a prolonged period of time, say a long shower, then the radiators in the house get hot too, even though the heating is off. Is...
15 years ago 3
Nasty sewage odor in bathroom
Hello all ! We bought this great house last summer and have been experiencing sewage odors in the 2nd floor bathroom. Looking around the web, I've came to figure out this could be a venting problem,...
15 years ago 15
Stainless Repair Clamps
So yesterday the friggin low-bid excavation contrator where I work decided to smash one of our pump station force mains. We had to cut out a section of pipe and install a new piece with stainless...
15 years ago 5
A buddy owns this business
Look it over and anyone with the name Crash MaKool is all fucken K ! 101Avn. Anyway he is putting up a new web site, this is his old one. THE WEB-SITE IS REGARDS JJ
15 years ago
Walk-In Shower Fall, How do I....
Create a fall in a walk-in shower. I really donot want any step up nor down, but still want the water to find the drain. the shower is about 6x6 on the plans currently. Rick Bass Players Drink Bass...
15 years ago 22
Stem valve won't keep handle upright
Folks: I recently replaced the stem valve on a Moen faucet on the kitchen sink. The new valve fixed the leak, but the problem is that it isn't stiff enough to keep the lift-up handle upright when I...
15 years ago 3
Whistle sounding faucets
Recently there was a main water line break on my street. The water company had turned off the water to my house and neighbors too. After the line was repaired,I find that when I turn on some...
15 years ago 1
Better? Teflon tape or pipe dope?
Been having a nightmare of leaks trying to get some new galvanized pipe in a wall for a bathroom sink. Started out using plumber's pipe dope in a tube on both male and female portions of pipe threads,...
15 years ago 5
bathroom sealant
Hi Group, I'm trying to remove my old sealant using a knife and it is a real pig of a job and stuck on tenaciously. Are their any tips/compounds that I can use to get this stuff off? pvc...
15 years ago 1
Weird situation solved
OK Guys, The apartment was finally rented out, so I had to solve the "hot through the cold" dilemma and this is what I found once I took apart the ceiling in the apartment below. The previous owner...
15 years ago 2
pvc wye ball valve
Does anyone know a source for a 4" PVC DWV wye ball valve? Thanks, Sammy Thanks
15 years ago 2
Baxi Bermuda Inset 2 Boiler - Lockout
Hi, I have the above boiler and am experiencing the following :- When the timer calls for water the boiler will not ignite. I can hear the ignitor clicking but there is no ignition and the 'lockout'...
15 years ago 1
Immersion heater question
Hello I have an issue with my immersion heater I was hoping the group might be able to help me with. I am on Economy 7 and since the clocks went back, the immersion heater is not heating the water up...
15 years ago 3
"Charlick" plastic water pipe
Dear All I was digging up some pavers around my house and managed to rupture one of my water pipes. Problem is that it seems to be something non-standard (in Australia anyway) and I'm having trouble...
15 years ago
pumkin chuckin
I know it is off topic but did you see the pumpkin chuckin contest on discovery chan? I am sure all of you would be into it. 3800' was the approx. winning distance. Let me make it known right now; If...
15 years ago