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Garbage disposal ?
I've heard pros and cons on whether to use hot or cold water when disposing food particles. Would it make any difference? I'm on a septic tank system. Thanks grease breaks up better with hot water?...
14 years ago 4
Direct water heater
Hi There I wonder if anyone can help me with this water heater of mine its a Main Medway Automatic The problem is I can not get it to light anymore, the pilot is out and the ignition button wont make...
14 years ago 4
Bob, speaking of Dads. Mine put his hand across his throat and said ' I do the work from here up, you do the rest ' Don't let the grass grow under your feet I can't pay YOU ! I have insurance, truck...
14 years ago 3
Can anyone tell me what 26KW equates to in BTU's. Thanks Approximatly 88,716 Thanks John.
14 years ago 2
a toilet's stability
Where should a floor mounted toilet get most of its stability from? Is it where it primarily from being bolted down or is the grout a significant factor in its stability? Thanks in advance, Chris...
14 years ago 24
second floor washer/dryer - floor drain liner?
I'm moving the washer/dryer to the second floor. I'm installing an enclosed tiled floor with a floor drain to catch any leaks. (It's elevated 5" so that the laundry basket fits under the doors when...
14 years ago 7
Expansion tank
Can anyone tell me how to tell if an expansion tank is in working order and what are the symptoms if it is NOT working properly? Thank You Ron I assume the HWT ? You often find water on the floor from...
14 years ago 4
Since Halloween is coming I re-named my toilet from Ms. Bolinda to Ms. Boolinda. BOO !
14 years ago
P.O. plug
What does the P.O. stand for in P.O. plug? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere. Thanks, Kevin Williams Pull-Out..... I don't know if you'll ever find a definitive answer or not. I have been in...
14 years ago 4
which boiler???!!
Hi I need to replace a boiler in a four bed detached house, current system is very old potterton boiler and tank I considered the british gas solution of a high output boiler (their own make combi) to...
14 years ago 1
Negative shower pumps
I live in an apartment block with hot water supplied all year round the water is of a low pressure and I beleive I will need a negative 2 at pump would anyone please advise me. Thank you Jerryo...
14 years ago 3
Simplistic question please help
I am replacing my shower (Triton T100E) that was fitted by a plumber about 10 years ago. He used plastic piping with a 15mm plastic elbow bend that attaches to the shower. I cannot get this off. Is...
14 years ago 5
Kids Furniture Should Be Safe & Durable
Our kids are so important. We need furniture for them that is strong and safe. KidKraft makes furniture that is thoughtfully made with rounded edges and durable construction. Not only is it well made...
14 years ago 10
gas steam furnace (water level)????
I need a device to keep the water level of my 80s furnace to its 15 gallon level ????
14 years ago
basement shower leak
We have a shower in our basement that was here when we moved in a few years back. It is one of the three sided glass with a door. Depending on how much water we use at a time, water seeps from one...
14 years ago 2