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another one about wall hung closets
Hi guys I'm new to this group. We just came across some older Am. Std.? wall hung closets and two were cracked (probably from heavyweights dropping down hard) anyway, the existing roughing dosen't...
14 years ago 1
Case/Briggs 2 bolt wall hung WC
I hope one of you can help me out on this. I've got a job where, in doing demo, the geniuses threw out the Briggs wall hung one piece WC's. If you're familiar with those water closets you would know...
14 years ago 4
Hi, In los angeles county, what type of drain is required in a churches kitchen. Downhill type only.
14 years ago 1
You need to read this.
My final point is this......... For everyone who might have followed the water heater conversation between Mike, Bob, and myself, I will let the average homeowner make up his mind about this. I say...
14 years ago 6
Water Heater
Well, Do you happen to know what the pupose of a relief valve does, By opening the relief valve you do 2 things: 1: Regulate the atmospheric pressure in the tank to allow it to drain, if this is not...
14 years ago 1
Water Heater
I have serviced hundreds of these tanks, I am a plumber by trade and one of my first jobs was to service water heaters for NB Power. I know my way around a water heater. An secondly why would a person...
14 years ago 10
diverter valve problem
I hope you can help me do this myself. My shower head had low pressure and water would run out the tup spourt. I have the kind that has a knob for the hot, the cold, and one to change the water from...
14 years ago 1
Grohe Kitchen faucet disassembly
I've encountered a Grohe single handle kitchen sink faucet that has no visable signs for diassembly. The handle on/off operation is about as stiff pulling out the proverbial Excaliber, but hot to cold...
14 years ago
water pump running
Have an issue where my submersible water pump is constantly running. By constantly I mean that two toilet flushes will set the thing off. Sometimes I haven't used water for quite a while yet the...
14 years ago 2
Cold water service: PE or PEX?
I am going to have my water service line from the meter to the house re-piped. It's about 120 feet total (don't ask me why the city installed the meter around the back.) I was told I can run about 60...
14 years ago 2
Okay to post help wanted here?
Or is it deemed spam? I don't think it's spam. Me neither. Hell, if you pay me enough I'll hire on and bring another 50 guys with me.:>) Bob Wheatley I don't need 50, just one. I don't frequent this...
14 years ago 7
Stack bloom
My 4" cast iron stack in the basement (the vertical part/horizontal is fine) has a rusty bloom on it. Is there a treatment/preparation that will arrest that? TIA, RJ Cast iron is sort of funny in that...
14 years ago 1
Water Pressure
I read a bookley that states "If staic pressure is over 550kpa provisions must be made to reduce it" It talks about water pipes in a house, but what does it mean? 550 kpa (kilopascals) is equivalent...
14 years ago 1
Watts Govenor 80
A watts govenor 80 is a toilet fill valve with a built in AVB (Atmospheric Vaccuum Breaker) it eliminates the need for on the cold water inlet on the water heater.
14 years ago
Clogged Drain
How much of the pipe can you see before it goes out of site? "KE" wrote in news:eA5Ig.2038$9u.34855@ursa- It depends on how humid it is. Rent an auger snake from a local rental shop and snake the line...
14 years ago 2