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FS. Sunvic TLX2251 room stat
Sunvic TLX2251 room thermostat. Un-used and boxed. £10.00 plus P&P.
14 years ago
FS. Landis & Gyr cylinder stat.
Landis & Gyr RAM1 cylinder thermostat. Un-used and boxed. £10.00 plus P&P.
14 years ago
FS. MaCalaran gas valve
MaCalaran 24V gas valve. 24V. Un-used. £30.00 plus P&P
14 years ago
FS. Heating programmers / timeclocks
For sale. Randall 3020P with backplate and instructions. Horstmann H425 Horstmann H525 The above are ex display models and are in good order. £15 each plus P&P.
14 years ago
diverter valve problem
I have an old claw footed tub, with newer plumbing fixtures. There is a diverter valve that sits on top of the tub faucet and is changed with a handle that turns. This morning the shower began to...
14 years ago 2
Toilet not anchored!!
I just purchased my first home, and the toilet seemed to move a bit more than I had ever seen. I checked the nuts and they seemed to be pretty tight, so I emptied the water out of the toilet and...
14 years ago 11
Clogged drain & drywall
We had our house remodeled 18 months ago. The drywallers may have used the utility sink for more than just water. The sink drain was clogged after words so I successfully snaked it out. Now after some...
14 years ago
Re: Winterizing a summer home
Can't I just wrap these pipes real good since they are so near the frost line? I don't want to mess with a heated element and worry about it from 1200 miles away.. It comes in from the street plastic...
14 years ago 14
Water car and torch
14 years ago
Asking Plumber to Add an Outlet Tee to Septic tank?
I will be asking a local plumber with knowledge of septic tanks to install an outlet tee as shown in the following: __Cap__ ! ! ! ! ! !~~~~_________________------| ----- scum level ------ ! PVC...
14 years ago 1
Lead Shower Pan
Can some one fill me in on replacing a 45 year old leaky lead shower pan situated on a concrete slab? How are lead pans attached to the shower drain? I'd like to find out before I tear into this and...
14 years ago 9
Water heater supplying warm water
I went to take a shower,and the water was lukewarm,even with the faucet on full hot. This happened overnight,as everything was fine the day before. What could cause this? The heater is 2 years...
14 years ago 2
sweating a compression fitting
If you have a compression fitting, say a 1/2 by 1/2 coupling, can you remove the compression nut and ferrule, clean and flux the coupling and then apply solder/heat? Basically, in a pinch, could you...
14 years ago 8
More steam please
produced in direct contact from its water source, same temperature and pressure as the water from which it was produced (check your steam tables) example: 615psig steam @489degrees F=saturated steam...
14 years ago
Ned Up !
I'm just syrf'n USA and seen allot here in ships. Most WWII era US Navy surface warships had 600psi superheated plants with M type separately controlled superheater boilers. Drum pressure and steam...
14 years ago