water pump running

Have an issue where my submersible water pump is constantly running.
By constantly I mean that two toilet flushes will set the thing off.
Sometimes I haven't used water for quite a while yet the pressure tank
will start filling up (it's a bladder style: Well X-trol Wx-203). It
seems like I'm always hearing that pump going.
The pressure switch is set to kick in at 30 psi and cut out at 50 psi,
which it does. However, sometimes right after it cuts out I will loose
5 psi, sometimes 8 psi right off the bat.
Also, of late I noticed the shower going hot-cold, hot-cold, hot-cold,
and the volume of water dropping-strengthening, dropping-strengthening.
Lastly, I notice that the toilets will gurgle ten minutes after you
flush them.
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Sounds like a bad tank. Depress the Schrader (tire inflation type) valve on top of the tank with a pencil. The tank is bad if water comes out.
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Mark M.

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