Flush Valve Single piece toilet

Have an American Standard single piece toilet. Flush valve leaks all the
time. Have replaced flapper valve with three different brands. NO GOOD!!
Can anyone tell me how to remove this flush valve. All I can find on the web
is that it has flanges down inside the valve to hold it in place. I cannot
see or feel any flanges but there appears to be a plastic insert that could
be used to force a gasket to seal.
Went to Home Depot and could find NO specific valve to replace this one.
I cannot hear so it is difficult to ask around for help. Any and all help
will be greatly appreciated.
Please reply to mail and post for others.
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Nota Muzzlenut
On 10/14/04 "Nota Muzzlenut" snipped-for-privacy@tiscali.it asks in part:
time. Have replaced flapper valve with three different
American Standard, as with most manufacturers, has made more than one style single piece toilet. We need the model number which should be stamped in to the inside backwall of the china tank.
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Thanks for your reply.
I have two American Std. Units single piece. One is leaking the other has not started leaking "yet". The one not leaking is a April 1999 issue.
The one leaking is a Feb, 1991 issue
Data: Leaking unit Stamped in ceramic #226 2092 0 Also in ceramic the number 20 If it means anything there are two ink numbers/letters F2 S4 1.6 gpf
Data: Not leaking April 1999 issue Stamped in ceramic 1 375 Stamped in ceramic 2092 0 Stamped in ceramic 20 1.6 gpf
No ink letters/numbers on this one.
Thanks for your help. Your knowledge and time are greatly appreciated.
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Nota Muzzlenut
On 10/14/04 "Nota Muzzlenut" snipped-for-privacy@tiscali.it writes in part;
Follow the link below to American Standards webite for this particular toilet:
formatting link
Look down on the left hand side to where is says Repair Parts. Download the .pdf file and open it using Adobe Reader.
The first thing I noticed is that it uses a standard Coast Manufacturing flapper. If you've been buying generic flappers at some mass merchandiser they probably fill not be adequate for sealing off the flush valve. You need a Coast Flapper. Replacing the flapper with the correct one should solve your leaking problem
If you want to remove the flush valve because it is somehow deffective, you will see that a special flush valve wrench (738304-0070A) is used to loosen the "internal nut" which secures the flush valve to the china.
NOTE: a generic flush valve will NOT work properly in this toilet. The only thing that's going to work correctly is the one sold by American Standard part #738109-0070A
We stock both the correct flappers and the flush valve.
If you'd like to contact me via email and pursue a solution further my email addy is snipped-for-privacy@aol.com
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