where to get a drywall 'nail locator'?

Excuse me, but apparently you didn't pose the original question, so how would you know the answer to why he's doing it? It's not to locate studs, because he clearly said in the post that he "already knows where the studs are". That's why some of us asked the question.
He replied above that he wants to locate them to remove the drywall. Which is a new one to me, as removing the drywall seems like a losing proposition to me. If you don't plan on trying to re-use it, then you just rip it off. If you try to re-use it, first it's going to take a long time to screw around locating the screws, then unscrewing it, removing it, etc. And then the taped joints are probably going to come apart a big mess, with the paper tearing, etc. And they will still be covered with the old mud, uneven, etc and will not be a clean new joint to tape and cover. All in all, given the cost of drywall, the time involved, and how new drywall will be easy to mud up and deal with, it sure doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
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