Urgent! Problems Wiring a

Hopefully you have it figured out by now but just in case....
G > After days of work installing a bathroom exhaust fan this was supposed to b
G > the "day" when I flipped the switch and smiled. Nothing of the sort. I am G > trying to wire the light and fan off a common feed however I must be missin
G > something. Only the light works. I had it hooked up once where one switch G > operated both the fan and light. When one turned off the other turned on?!
<snicker> Sorry: not laughing at you but with you. Dad once wired something like this for an entertainment center but was like turn the switch on for the clock light and the fan to the cool the tape recorder cabinet turned on, turn a different light on and something else worked instead.
G > To complicate matters a bit there is a yellow wire in the mix that when G > connected to the load side is part of the light wiring. There is a ground G > fault outlet in the bathroom. I don't know if this is revalent or not. In G > the box there are four feeds in conduit: 1. white and black, 2. white and G > black, 3. white and yellow, 4. white, black and green( the exhaust fan G > wiring). 1 and 2 black connect to the hot right side. Yellow wire from th
G > third feed connects to the load side of the switch. This powers the light. G > When I connect the black fan wire to the other hot side screw and the white G > wire to the other load side screw nothing happens. Please help so I can G > sleep tonight. Thanks!!!
The one-device-on-and-the-other-turns-off sounds like one of the switches is wired incorrectly.
Feed -----> SW1 ---> SW2 | | | | v V Fan Light
All whites are tied together. All grounds are tied together. The Feed (black wire) goes to both SW1 and SW2. The black of the fan goes to the other terminal of SW1. The yellow of the light goes to SW2.
DOUBLE CHECK but I think I have the colours correct. Yellow is not a traditional colour for a hot lead, AFAIK. OTOH electrons are colour- blind; the colours are done for human's convenience.
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