Submersible Well Pump

We have a submersible well pump that we use for irrigation only. It was
installed about 2 years ago. We have already had to replace the
capacitors twice due to them busting and the liquid coming out.
Currently we are having an issue with the pump cycling on and off.
a. Does anyone know why the capacitors would be failing?
b. Does anyone know why the pump would be cycling on and off, could it
be the pressure switch?
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Check that you have enough of an air volume in the tank. This time of year you can look at the sweat on the outside of the tank to tell you the level of water in the tank. The tank should have enough air in the tank to compress as the pump runs to build up some cushion effect. The caps going out is not normal so it is either cycling so often that the caps can't cool down and basicly melt themselves or their undersized for the pump or the wiring is too small which increases voltage drop.
Good luck, Rich
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Irrigation only... do you control the pump with a pressure tank or only a pressure switch?
If no tank, you need to raise the cut-off setting so the pump can't shut off during the irrigation. If you don't the pump will short cycle, meaning on/off, on/off which heats up the control box components and burns something up, like the start capacitor.
If you do have a pressure tank, it is too small to provide the minimum off time based on the hp of the pump. That's usually stated as 60 sceonds for up to 1 hp and 120 seconds for 1.5 and larger hp to about 2.0. So increase the cut-off setting as if there was no tank.
Another possibility is improper air pressure in the tank if you have one. The air pressure is to be 1-2 psi less than the cut-in setting on the switch with no water in the tank.
Gary Quality Water Associates
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Gary Slusser

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