well pump squeal

My well pump (indoor, on top of the pressure tank) has started to squeal
when it runs. My gut thoughts are
1. Pump going bad.
2. Air getting in the line.
Any thoughts?
How to test?
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Mark Sherman
Sound like the motor bearings are going out. Don't know how to test it, but our pressure tank pump lasted around a year after it started getting really loud.
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Use a long screwdriver and listen for the bad bearing. Hold the tip on each end of the pump casting, holding the handle against the bone next to your ear. and one will have a grumble if the bearing is going. You can usually get the inner impeller housing and pump motor part off without disturbing the plumbing by separating the impeller housing. You can either replace the bearings yourself or take it to a moror/pump shop. If you do it yourself buy a seal kit too. The pump should last another 20 years with new bearings and seals..
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