Problem replacing deep well submersible pump

I am replacing my submersible pump and the top of the pump is
connected to a black flexible pipe with a brass adapter. The adapter
uses a threaded connection to connect to the pump and male connection
is made to the inside of the black flexible pipe. Two ring clamps
secure the black pipe to the brass adapter.
My question is, do I need to reapply Pro-Dope to the brass fitting on
the black flexible pipe side? I loosened the 2 ring clamps to help
getting the old pump detached and the brass adapter turned freely in
the black flexible pipe, so I'm worrind that simply tightening the
rings might not be enough of a seal. Also, I can't seem to pull the
adapter out of the black pipe no matter how hard I pull. Is there a
trick to pulling it out? Or, do i need to cut it out?
Thanks for any help!
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