submersible well pump

I have a 4" steel well casing, the top 5' of the casing is
so encrusted with rust scale that
I can't get the pump out. I have tried chipping out the
scale but can't get it all.
How would a well repairman get it out?
I have a backhoe and I'm thinking of digging down as deep as
I can and cutting off
the casing. Then put a piece of 5" plastic well pipe in with
a rubber coupling to fix it.
Has anyone ever tried this?
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Did you get the pump up to that 5ft mark? Normally they are down 70 to 500 feet. If you're just fighting the last 5 feet, you're not doing too bad. A 4" casing is too small to start with. Yes, you could probably cut it off, but you got to avoid cutting into the pump or the supply pipe. I dont think a fernco (rubber sleeve with clamps) would be allowed by law for a well casing. But you could get a piece of steel like the original and have a GOOD welder weld it so it dont leak. If surface water gets in, you wont have safe water. Actually a well driller would have the steel casing and are trained to weld it water tight. Maybe they have a big reamer too, to clean out that rust. Why not have one or more of them come and give an estimate. Another idea would be a very coarse wire brush made for a drill or grinder. Put it on a 5ft. piece of threaded rod, put on nuts and washers, and put the whole device in a drill. Then work it up and down. Of course all this old rust is getting in your water.
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