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Brush killer full strength mixed with diesel or kerosene per the label directions has always worked for me.
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If you are talking about KILLING a stump that keeps growing shoots, I've had good luck pouring vegetation killer on stumps (full strength) and it definitely kills the plant, roots and all.
Stump REMOVAL (where you are talking about dissolving a stump) is another story.
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Full-strength Roundup will work but should be applied almost immediately after cutting the stump (within the first minute or two), because the wound begins to seal very quickly -- especially for noxious exotics such as Brazillian Pepper. Regards --
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To kill the stump, drill some holes in it and pour in some Roundup. This will kill the stump and inhibit the growth of shoots, spouts, etc.
To remove the stump chemically, just phone a few big box stores and garden centers and tell them what you are attempting. Stump removal chemicals are readily available. Most contain potassium nitrate plus a bit of inhibitor which intentionally makes the product rather useless for pyrotechnics. Just follow the directions on the package, which should usually advise you to drill holes, pour in the chemical along with hot water, allow it to soak in for days or weeks, then pour kerosene in the holes, and finally to burn the stump. Don't forget to check with local authorities to see if you need a fire permit for the burning.
Any nitrate will work and if you've got a particularly large stump then you can check for other sources of potassium nitrate, such as some particular versions of "KPower" fertilizer.
Good luck, Gideon
Jim wrote in message ... Any recommended brands to search for available at the big box stores? If not how about garden centers?
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