Saw a posting on Craigslist that a local home salvage place up in MD was having a "sale" on doors, anything under $50 was half off the tagged price, so I drove up there yesterday... got two 2-panel wood doors, WITHOUT bigass holes for modern locksets, for about $25. Of course I spent another $50 on doorknobs etc. but I did come away with a whole box of 10 spec grade toggle switches for two-fitty (score!) I passed on several whole BOXES of NOS antique brass switchplates and receptacle covers - you know, the old ones made of real solid brass, with crisp details and square corners, not the brass plated steel they sell now - because they were all double gang and "I didn't need them" and then I got home and realized that Rejuvenation sells the same ones for about $20 APIECE - shoulda bought them and ebayed them to finance buying the ones I needed, oh well, might go back sometime and snag them if nobody else has. I also found two rosettes that match the rest of the doors in my house, they are pretty shabby but I'll have them chrome plated and use them on the bathroom, laundry room, etc. (I figure the chrome plated ones will be hard to find, I might find more brass plated ones sometime)
guess I have another new favorite store, I hope they get some more doors in because I still need a couple more in a size they didn't have (30x80 - the ones I bought were 24x80) at least now I will have a door on my bedroom closet! happy happy joy joy! (and the experience of reliving my childhood helping my mom strip paint of antique furniture... not sure how I feel about that...)
I'm still trying to figure out why there are doors just MISSING in my house, like someone took them off the hinges to move/clean/whatever and they never made it back on... I don't understand...
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