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Hi Dan!
DI> I'm about to start a home a/v, data, and phone wire retrofit in my new DI> house and as I was looking the house over one of the things i found DI> was that i had a pipe that ran though a wall cavity on the outside DI> wall of the house from my basement aside a walk in pantry (at which DI> point the sheetrock wall was removed and replaced with paneling) and DI> then up through the wall aside a walk-in closet which is behind a DI> bathroom and then up into my attic in a corner where the edge of the DI> roof meets the frame of the house (if it makes a difference i noticed DI> that for some reason when in the closet the pipe runs on the outside DI> rather then inside of the wall, but prior to going through ceiling of DI> the closet it goes into the wall). This seems to follow a path exactly
(ARGH! Eleven lines of text before a period?! No wonder I had to read this several times to comprehend.)
DI> like the one i want to run about 25 wires through so i was wondering, DI> can i just rip out all of the insulation in the cavity and use the DI> cavity as a shoot. If i can do this, what is the easiest way to remove DI> the insulation? Are there tools made doing for this?
Usually there is a reason for the insulation to be there so I would be inclined to either push aside the insulation, perhaps running your wiring in a large (PVC) pipe or two or three, or replacing the insulation after running your cables in the chute.
I didn't see where you stated what kind of insulation was in the proposed chute. If batt, you would probably have to use some sort of a claw-like device to grab a chunk and remove. (Shoving to one side would be easer!) If blown-in you probably scoop the insulation out. In either case keep the removed insulation (in large garbage sacs or lawn bags?) for refilling the cavity.
I would also suggest while you are running the wires to also run a loop of " rope or nylon twine. Invariably you will need to run one more cable. With the rope loop in place yoy can more easily pull the new wire through. (Secure both ends of the loop with appropriate pulleys, rounded guides, whatever.)
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