Repairing woofer

I took the back of my back seat out of my car and was surprised to see that I have a woofer!
I went to the JBL pages and nothing there about this particular speaker.
I think the model number was used only in speakers sold to Toyota.
It's a 9" speaker. Not common iiuc. JBL 86160-AA310. The specs are an academic question now. Either it sounds good or it doesn't.
I glued it yesterday. The glue SimplySpeakers included with the replacement foam surround was really good. I wish I knew what it really is. I doubt they'll tell me but I still have quite a bit left.
Glueing went well, as they promised -- I watched the video twice -- but we'll see tomorrow how it sounds and if the voice coil rubs. I think the coil's centered but the surround is not quite centered in the metal frame. It was when I laid it out without glue. Dunno what happened, but it shouldn't matter.
The glue is clear, in a tube and goes on like Duco cement used to but it gets sticky in 30 seconds or so, and sticks well in 2 minutes, but if the pieces aren't together yet, you can still push them together.
Here's their glue page Not sure what the first three are but the one included with foam is the 2nd row on the right. $8 for a tube that's 4" long (the white part). plus $3.64 first-class postage. I'm sure someone sells the original for much less money, but if I can't find it, it might be worth paying them just for glue, for other projects. It's that good.
While Home Depot seems to be selling fewer glues (and Ace Hardware selling many) I was at a fabric store and they had a bunch of possibly new glues I was reading some crafts webpage and everyone raved about Aileene's Tacky Glue. They make another one that's not Quick Dry, and Jo-annes sells a set of 3 little bottles of different products. Plus another set of 3 other ones. Enough to see if you like them. I forget how many, 2 to 4 of them are especially for sewing, but the other 2 to 4 are for anything. Neither set of 3 is on their webpage! and they sell all 6 products in bigger bottles and I don't think a couple of the 6 are on their Aileene's search page. I guess you have to go to the store to see them all. But I don't especially think any glue at Jo-annes is the speaker glue, well, except for the word Tacky, which does seem closely related. I bought a little of that. I'll have to see if it's the same or similar. Still, I mostly mention that store because it has glues I haven't seen before.
Maybe that's the difference between their kits for $25 to 22.50, depending where you buy it. Versus the company that charges 12 iirc, maybe the glue isn't as good. The other company offers to take a dollar off the price if you don't want the glue, not 9 dollars. I'll have to see if the other company sells the glue separately.
Or maybe they charge more because the video is better?
I don't have the name in front of me but I also found a page with a mach broader selection of speaker parts, grill cloth, metal grills, speakers with crossovers but no cabinet, for mounting in the wall perhaps. etc. etc.
I read that foam started being used in the late 60's iirc but it only lasts 20 years. This car is only 16 years old, tan top, white car, never gets that hot inside, and it looks like the foam has been gone for at least a year.
OTOH, I have speakers with paper surrounds instead of foam from the '30's. Still in great shape. I suppose they'll say they restrict the sound. But at least you don't have to replace them in 15 years.
My other car speakers are good I think, and they're just as old. I took one door speaker out and didn't notice anything. I'lll look again when I find it to put it back in.
They're smaller of course. Maybe they don't use foam.
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