patio drain

I have a pool and the patio connected to it has 3 drains that, instead of going to a sewer, drain into the garden. The pipe ends underground in a rock garden. The year I moved in the drain was backing up in the rain and we found that the pipes were clogged with roots and dirt. The roots from plants in the rock garden had grown up into the pipe. We had to replace the pipe it was so bad. When we had that done I had them bury a 5 gallon bucket (with its bottom cut out) surrounding the pipe end. I figured it would slow the growth of roots into the pipe since they would have to travel through free space to reach it, and every other year I could easily open the lid and pull them out. It worked fine for a while, but now the bucket has stopped draining. I opened it up yesterday evening (because the drain was backing) and the bucket was full of foul smelling water. Checked it this morning and it was still almost the same height water. I havent yet got to find out why the soil stopped accepting water. We havent had rain in months so it should not be saturated with what little I put down the drain yesterday, and from the stink I suspect that water has been sitting there awhile. I'm guessing it's going to be roots again. Anyone have any advice and/or experience to share?
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