OT, Spam Solicitations

I have had Emails from mysterious foreigners promising me large sums of money for many years but I have to have some fun with them every now and then and when I reply in my typical warped manner, some of them actually answer thinking I'm serious about it and some are a bit pissed off and let me know it. ^_^
Dearest Mr. Rami Makhlouf,
I am so glad that you chose me out of the other 6+ billion people in the world. Send me one million dollars in advance and I can get everything set up to handle your request. My psychiatrist informed me that if I can come up with this money, I won't have to stay at the mental hospital any longer. Wearing a straight jacket all day and being injected with all manner psychotropic drugs is a real drag. I would hope that you could understand how difficult it is for me to type this message with my nose, tongue and the only other free member that I have (straight jacket remember). The featureless white padded cell and lack of external stimuli makes it hard to stay excited and tumescent. A situation that makes it a real chore to type so please don't waste my time with a lot of correspondence. Well, the nurse is on the way with my next Thorazine shot. She may be 65 years old but Woo Hoo!, I'll use any stimulation I can get in order to continue typing. I hope that you will send the one million dollars soon for I am getting blisters on some very sensitive body parts. Here is a link to the kind gentlemen who taught me how to type in my current state.
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