Old 1973 Vintage Kenmore Refrigerator Problem

I have a 1973 Vintage Kenmore Sears refrigerator in my basement. This
is a small appatment size model with a non frost free freezer
compartment. The freezer compartment works okay, the tempereature is
below freezing. The refrigerator compartment is warm like about 80
degrees. There is only one thermostat locaed in the refirigerator
compartment. Does anyone know what could be wrong? About 30 year ago
I replaced the thermostat and I can no longer get parts for this unit.
I'm not sure that the thermostat is the problem because the freezer
works. Is there a fan that could be broken?
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There should be a fan between compartments. If it is bad (frequent happening) you get the condition you describe. You can check it our or you can get a new refrigerator and save about $10 to $15 a month on the electric bill. We also had a second fridge in the basement. I replaced my old 12 cu. ft one with an 18 cu. ft. frost free for $400 and it is now paid for with the savings in power. I saw a similar model last week for $449.
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Edwin Pawlowski

Open the door and unplug it for a couple days. It may just have ice in the port between the freezer and fridge
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