Been where you are...
Bet you are near a woods edge?
Moles like to eat grubs just like skunks. Moles will eat earthworms.
My twofold solution was     1) Apply milky spore to the lawn. Spores multiply and spread lasting for 10-15 years. Harmless to all plant and wildlife. Kills grubs. Drawback is it takes a couple of yrs to get fully established.
    2) While the milky spore is establishing, Took in a dumped off cat who became very appreciative. Sits next to me here as I write after 15 yrs. This cat had to hunt and kill to survive after being abandoned. Even though he was kept fed after I took him in, nothing was allowed in his yard. Used to bring home moles, snakes, rabbits, squirrels (got some damage screwing with them). Watched this cat refuse to move off the sidewalk as an Akita came towards him. Made all kinds of ugly faces and sounds. Akita actually walked around.
Fisher cat showed up for one summer. Cat didn't mess with that though. Somehow they just know.
Anyway, once cats see something to hunt, they will very patiently wait for hours for a repeat. This guy cleaned up my yard and the neighbors of moles. Meanwile milky spore matured. After a season or two the skunks and moles chowed elsewhere.
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