Microwave from Sears / Kmart

On Tue, 2 Apr 2013 09:38:49 -0400, "Stormin Mormon"

Come on, who are you trying to kid. Everyone knows that Mormons dont use microwave ovens. You guys live in caves and burn fires on the ground to cook whatever animal you shot that day, such as a dog or cat or possum. Mormons cant afford modern stuff, because the Mormon church takes 99.99999% of the earnings from it's members to use to buy gold and diamonds and fancy cars for the church and the holy rollers who run the joint. The closest any mormon (except the holy rollers) have ever come to a microwave is an old tube type tv you guys found in the dump and shorted some wires inside to make it get real hot when you connect it to the power outlet behind the church on Saturday nights when you all congregate back there to get drunk on ho-made shine!
PrazzeDaLurdGeezusss Ahhhmunnn
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