Manuals online for Craftsman power tools?

Hi folks-
I'm looking for the manual for my Craftsman all-in-one cutting tool,
part #00917252000, but have not found it online.
In fact I couldn't find any manuals online, which suggests maybe I'm
looking in the wrong place. I've emailed them about this, but figured
I'd ask here if anyone has links to a Craftsman power tool manual site.
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Repair parts and manuals are availiable online at that site, but your part number does not compute. Check it and try there.
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040627 2356 - John?]                                                                  posted:
Here is an online catalog of the power tools:
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You could try this Email address for ordering:
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The "Craftsman" brand is specific to Sears so the only place you get an owner's manual for it (is that's what you're looking for) is from them. And AFAIK, Sears does not have any owner's manuals available "on-line".
You can find many exploded *part* view diagrams for Sears products at the Sears site (if you have the product's *model number*) and you can find *owner's manual* resources for major home appliances at the following link plus *repair* manual resources (none available on-line) at the second.
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Dan O.

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