Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait

In October of 1998, there was a discussion here in about "Misbehaving Tools". I submitted the following true story:
--> >I have to admit it, there have been occasions when throwing a tool as far --> >as humanly possible has been my solution of choice. --> -->Yeah, well phrased! --> -->I have only regretted doing it one time. My 11 mm. open end wrench kept -->dropping out of my hand one day, 3 or 4 years ago, so in disgust I threw it -->against the wall by my workbench. --> -->Still haven't found it. --> -->Been too arrogant to buy another one, so the 11 mm. socket has had to -->suffice, even where it wasn't the tool of choice. --> -->I'd love to know where it went. Another dimension? A -->heretofore-undiscovered -->Black Hole? A space or time warp? That place in the universe that -->swallows one sock out of a washing machine?
Well, today at lunchtime I was doing my usual couple of laps around the building where I work. Each lap is about a mile. It wasn't there the first lap, but on lap #2 I noticed an open end wrench in the bikelane running along the road. Sure enough, it was a Craftsman 11mm wrench!
My set is complete again, after only 10 1/2 years.
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