for those who love to container garden........

This is NOT an advertisement. For those who love to container garden, Lowes has started the elimination and reduction of prices on the fiberglass faux concrete/clay pots and styrofoam pots in the garden center where they are usually kept outside. These are the pricey ones that usually start at $15 and go to $60 or more.
Today I decided NOT to buy the huge ones that are the most usually for $5 and $6, and got the one and a half gallon ones that looked like concrete and were not only reinforced and finished, but had the plugged holes you can pop out. For $1.50 each. I got the five that were left and spent less than $10 and now I have awesome containers that won't freeze and chip and flake that resemble concrete.,
If you check, you'll see your local Lowes is doing the same thing. (if they haven't all be snapped up by lunatic gardeners like me <sheepish grin>) The answer to the obvious question? Because about every two years, the people who makes these containers discontinues the designs, destroys the molds and makes newer ones and even improve the designs and materials. Last time I lucked out on this was when I started at Lowes.......uhhh, two years ago! (go figure! LOL)
Now all I have to do is plant those babies up this springtime and enjoy! And because these aren't the heavy enough to rupture me concrete pots, I can move them where I need them, and this means my small sunny area will have new residents!
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