Where can I buy this broad spectrum fungicide (Abound, Amistar, Bankit, Heritage, and Quadris) ?

I'm wondering if there is a home-owner or over-the-counter source for a
fungicide with the active ingredient azoxystrobin.
Azoxystrobin is a broad spectrum preventive and curative systemic
fungicide. It has activity against several diseases on many edible
crops and ornamental plants. Some diseases controlled or prevented are
rice blast, turf rusts, downy mildew, powdery mildew, late blight, apple
scab, and Septoria. Formulations typically come as wettable granules.
Some trade names for products containing azoxystrobin include Abound,
Amistar, Bankit, Heritage, and Quadris.
Any info on who might carry this product in the US or Canada (or what
other trade-names it might have) is appreciated.
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Lawn Guy
Is Google broken? There are numerous links to reps for those products that you could contact if you can't get it at your local ag store.
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