What is this in my lawn?

Hi all,
first post, very limited gardener, based in the UK, and looking for a
little help.
I had a new lawn laid from turf about 18 months ago, and lovely it was
too. My neighbours had a slightly inferior lawn with lots of clumps of
thicker bladed grass which has now spread to my grass too.
Here's what it looks like:
formatting link
what is it and how do I deal with it?
Any help would be appreciated!
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What it is specifically, I don't know. But it probably doesn't matter. It appears to be a type of undesirable grass. You can try one of the weed killers for lawns, but I doubt a selective herbicide is going to kill it. Since they won't kill the desirable grasses, they also aren't effective against many undesirable ones.
The other choices that do work are to either dig it out or use Roundup (glyphosate) to kill it. The latter will kill the desirable grass too, so you should apply it using a shield, like a cut out plastic jug, to minimize the collateral damage. You can reseed the spot a week or whenever you're sure it's dead.
One thing for sure. You want to get rid of it quickly. These grasses can spread and take over the whole turf.
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