What is this grass?

Hi. I laid a new lawn last year and it looked great. This year however
the front half seems to be thin and I some very course grass growing in
it. What is this grass it seems to grow thick stems out from the plant
horizontally squashing the other grass around it. Also where is it
likely to come from and is there a way to get rid of it?I Here is some
pics. 1 of a good patch of lawn another of a infested part and another
showing an individual offender.
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Many thanks
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looks like a grass to me.
as for remedies, probably came in with the sod you put down, so you're going to have to talk to the people you bought the sod from.
if you don't want it to spread take it out before it goes to seed.
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I agree it looks like some kind of undesirable grass. Which is the bad news, because there are few selective herbicides that are grass specific to deal with that kind of problem.
From a practical standpoint, if it's just a few spots that are not big, I'd probably kill it with Roundup (glyphosate) and when it dies off, go get some new pieces of the same sod to repair it. Left alone it will likely spread. You could try Weed-B-Gone or similar weed killer, but I doubt that will be effective, it works on mostly broadleaf weeds. And like SB said, whatever you do, try not to let it go to seed. But even with mowing, usually some seedheads manage to grow sideways enough to escape. And some grasses can also spread by stolen, so that's even worse.
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