Preperation of new lawn

My previous lawn was in bad shape with too many weeds and poor drainage.
Decided to redo the lawn and have managed to get it back to a position
of soil.
After some heavy rain today, i have noticed one area of the lawn where
the rain had formed a large puddle. I treated the lawn the same way and
was surprised about this. Does anyone have any advice?
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A low spot? Why are there what looks like the outlines of squares in that area? It also looks like it's the part that's close to the house, where does rainwater from the roof go? The earth should slope away from the house foundation and rainwater should be deposited 6 ft or more away from it.
Also, it's not a good time to be renovating a lawn. Best time is in Sept. Then you have nature on your side, declining temps, much less competition from weeds, less watering needed, etc. You can do it in early spring, which is less desirable than fall, but now you're almost into summer. You can still do it and if you're planning on using sod, then all the above makes less difference, as long as you keep it watered properly, you;ll be OK.
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