Robomow RC304 constantly falls of edge of lawn

I have a RC304 and am very pleased with it except for one problem. My lawn is
not a rectangle but has a lot of curved edges. The mower seems to have great
difficulty in following the perimeter wire both on its way home and during
edgeing. IT doesn't seem to be able tho handle the left hand curves. The centre
loses the perimeter wire during a long left hand curve. It then rotates to the
left looking for it and then violently rotates to the right in its attempt to
find the wire. In so doing it forces the front wheel of the lawn and it falls
into the flower bed. It then stops as it's stuck. This is very frustrating. Has
anybody got any ideas to remedy this. I guess I can move the wire much father
away from the edge, but this means there will be a wide stretch where the edge
will not be cut. Rather negates the edge function.
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