PLEASE HELP! I have cut my new turf too short...

Hi there,
Over two weeks ago I had a gardener lay some lovely looking new turf in
my garden. I am not sure exactly what type of turf it was but it was the
runner type and the gardener refereed to it as 'professional' if that
As advised, I watered the turf every evening for two weeks and was
rewarded with a really plush green lawn. It seemed that the turf
responded really, really well to the new top soil. After two and a half
weeks it was time to mow the lawn so I borrowed my neighbors mower and
went to work.
Only when the job was finished did I realise that his mower was actually
a scarifier and it cut the blades of grass down very, very low. It also
looks like the scarifier has 'scalped' some small areas of turf in a few
places. Since yesterday (when I cut the lawn) some areas of yellow have
now started to appear.
It is disheartening to see what was once a really lovely lawn look so
bad and I am worried that I have damaged it beyond repair. It is my own
fault for not researching how short I should have cut the turf. In
addition, the grass was also wet when I cut it but I have only just
found out that was a mistake.
Aside from having the garden re-turfed again is there anything I can do?
I am hoping that with time and regular watering the garden will return
to its former plush green self but I am new to gardening and really
don't have a clue!
Any advice / suggestions / comforting words would be greatly
Many, many, many thanks in advance for your response,
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C. Leach
C. Leach wrote the following:
You have a lawn, but no lawn mower?
I usually check behind the mower to see what's happening to the grass. I would have noticed that it was set too low before I got a couple of feet into the job.
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Thank you for getting back to me so soon. It really is appreciated! I'll keep an eye on it and make sure that it gets plenty of water. I'll let you know how its looking in a month. Thanks again! Chris.
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C. Leach

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