New turf going thin

Morning all this is my fist post so be gentle with me. I searched the
forum but not managed to find an answer to my query.
I laid some new turn at the front of my house around 5 weeks ago. The
turf was abolutely perfect I prepped the ground perfectly.
The week after laying the turf was a sunny week, I was watering it in
the morning and at night and the roots were going down well after the
first week.
Following that week it rained heavy all week and the grass grew rapidly.
I then gave the lawn a cut on the highest setting of the mower however
it still took a good chunk off as it had grown a lot without me being
able to cut it.
I have gradually started lowering the cut over the last 2 weeks however
the turf seems to be going thin and I think slightly yellow in places.

My last cut was last night and I raised the cut from the last time I
mowed. I also gave it a good water as its been sunny. I have attached a
few images but I'm afraid they aren't great.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I have read that a light fertiliser
may help?
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It doesn't look too bad from the pic. Five weeks in, I would be reducing the watering, so that it has a chance for the upper part to dry out. Grass being constantly wet is not a good thing, as it promotes many diseases. If it's hot while wet, that's the worst combination. I'd reduce to watering every other day. And you should water it so that the watering ends around sunrise. That way it will be wet for the shortest period. You want to water it deeply a couple times a week, once established, depending on the weather.
You might want to check the mower blade too. The ends of the grass are shreaded. Mowing it higher as you've been doing is better too, at least until it gets more established.
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I don't think it looks that bad either. I was surprised a few weeks ago to see a TV bit on how they grew sod commercially to find that they cut it three times a week. I suppose if you followed that practice at your home after you bought it, it might look good as new. Personally, I'll be damned if I want to be a slave to my lawn ;)
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Thanks for the replies guys,
I think my plan of action is to keep watering it for a few more weeks every other day or so and see how I get on.
The blade is brand new so should be nice and sharp (apart from when I caught it the other day on an edging stone! May have to sharpen it.)
If I look down from the bedroom I can see it going thin in places :(
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what kind of soil and how deep is it underneath the turf?
are you using a mulching mower or removing the clippings?
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Did you try to pull back a piece in a couple of spots? Try one where the grass is doing well, other where it's not. See if there is root development, examine closely for any insects, etc. If you've been over-watering it and keeping it saturated, constantly wet, I would definitely cut it back. I would not water it more than once a day except for maybe the first few days. Then by 2 weeks in, I'd be back to every other day. After about two months, I'd reduce again to every 3rd day.
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I did stop watering it for a little while as it was constantly raining. I'm definitely going back to every other day now. It could possibly by drying out a little
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