I have a lawn which totals about two thirds of an acre and, while the
grass is good in most parts, fair sized sections are infested with a
creeping weed with narrow leaves and thick, fibrous roots which become
exposed after mowing or raking. I think (I'm not sure) this is Sagina
procumbens, or "pearlwort". My soil is quite damp and some parts of my
lawn become distinctly boggy in winter.
I want to know what weedkiller is likely to work on this issue, how it
is applied, when and how much to apply, and where I can buy it in bulk
to cover my large area. I live in southern Sweden, but I visit the UK
regularly and I will be returning next in December - with my car and
trailer - so I can buy some bags and bring it back with me to treat next
year. Weedkillers in Sweden are outrageously expensive!
All advice gratefully received!
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