Lumps and bumps in professionally laid lawn

Hi all!
First post so be gentle...
I have an area of 65m2 that i paid a gardener to lay turf. It needed
level quite abit so i thought i would pay a professional to do it. Got
some "premier turf". It cost £300 all in.
So anyway, after he laid it... i walked over the lawn to inspect it and
it had loads of lumps and bumps. It just didn't seem level. I asked him
about this and he just mumbled something about new turf doing that and
it was ok.
That night i walked over the turf for once last time to inspect the
bumps again. I lifted one roll of turf and it had a big rock underneath
it!! I havnt walked on it since to make sure it roots down ok.
So a week down the line and there are in places 2 inch gaps between some
of the turf rolls and some "dead" patches too.
I have been watering twice a day everyday. I also put lawn feed down to
help the process.
I complained to the gardener and he said i couldn't have been watering
it correctly!! He said he will come back in a week to look at it.
So my questions are-
1. When turf is freshly laid would you expect when you walk on it for it
to have lumps and bumps every so often?
2. How can he level it now that most of the turf has rooted down??
3. Any other comments/suggestions would be very much appreciated!!
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He didnt roll at all. All the references checked out. None for laying turf though. All more landscaping.
Here are some pics:
The garden from my bedroom window (some fencing still to be done!):
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The dead (or dying) patch:
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The gap in between the turf:
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These flowers have sprouted up, what are they??:
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Overall, it doesn't look bad to me. If the bumps are due to rocks, then as Bob said, the rocks should have been removed before laying the turf. This is one of the reasons why it's a good idea to be there if you can while the work is being done. Over time, the rocks will likely sink into the soil so that they aren't noticeable. Unless they are larger than 2" or so you probably won't have a problem.
What you do have is fungus. That picture of the dying grass appears to show it on the grass blades. I would back off on the watering to once every other day. And do the watering in the AM. You want the grass on top to be able to dry out. The soil at the roots needs to stay moist. Don't over water it. Worst conditions for fungus and disease:
Wet all the time High nitrogen High temps
Example of that would be nights where it's left wet with temps in the 80s. I'd probably buy a bag of fungicide and put it down. The $ spent could save the lawn. In many cases, the grass will recover. But some diseases can kill a lawn in a couple of days. The lawn fungicides work for the most common ones and won't hurt.
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