Lawn laid in December, new build

I am after a little advise. I have a new build and the lawn has been
laid prior to move in. As we all probably know. The lawn had been laid
on top of rocky top soil. Some are the size of my fist. I was spiking
the lawn and it seems really rocky underneath.
Therefore is it possible to have a lush garden in these conditions. The
lawn isn't bad but it does seem to have an even amount of dead grass a
light yellow in colour preventing it looking lush and green. I have fed
it and this seemed to help. I plan on feeding again (3 weeks apart) and
seeing if it continues to green up.
Would it be worth me raking the dead grass out before hand? It seeded
with fiberous stems about a month ago and they are tough to cut out. I'm
sure it's because the roots are not as deep as its fresh laid.
Anyway any advice from the experts would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again
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every bit of organic matter grown there is fertilizer for the next generation. don't remove any of it if there are no indications of problems.
it is also the basis of future humus.
rocky soil can be a problem if you have freeze/thaw cycles which can lift the stones nearer the surface.
otherwise, i would gradually add topsoil and build it up that ways.
for actual garden beds you may want to dig out the larger rocks and also build them up to get a decent amount of soil.
we've never fertilized the grass here (what little we have left of it). a mulching mower a few times a week when it is actively growing returns the nutrients to the plants and the rains bring more. 20yrs on and it's doing fine.
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In article , says...
On one of the hous flipping programs the flipper was spraying the lawn with something like paint to make the grass look green. Not sure what it was or how long it would look good.
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