New Lawn

I have recently seeded my new lawn and have a question about the grass. I applied some 8yr old composted manure in a section of the front, maybe it was a bad idea. But, anyway that section of grass has come up quite well but appears to be a really light green/yellowish in color. I also applied a good starter fertilizer prior to seeding. The grass is 2" long now and the weather here has been extremely warm, in the upper 80's on occasion.
Does anybody have an idea of what the problem might be with the grass? Not enough fertilizer, to much? I don't think water is an issue as I water almost daily. I have been throttling back though and watering less frequently but giving it more of a soaking.
Am I safe to apply another application of starter fertilizer to maybe give the grass a kick in the backside? Most of the other grass is a nice lush darker green.
Thanks. Curtis
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