Lawn care and bunnies

I have a rabbit who needless to say loves grass and I want my lawn to be
lush and green not only to satisfy his hunger but also so I can enjoy
it. I moved into a brand new house 3 years ago when I had the lawn laid.
I had asked for top quality turf but it seems that a cheap turf was laid
to cut costs. Since then the lawn has deteriorated badly. It is full of
weeds and is dead in places with bare soil showing. I am mowing it once
a week and it is definitely not over grazed by the rabbit as it is a
large area. I have tried scarifying it and applying seed but this has
not helped in any way. I am unable to use chemicals because of the
rabbit so wondered if there was any advice anyone can give me that may
help. I have considered watering it every day - will this make much of a
difference or will I be wasting my money? Any advice gratefully
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