Gaps in new lawn.

I recently had a new lawn laid but unfortunately some of the rolls of
turf have shrunk and left gaps in the lawn. Is there anything is could
do to either make them expand or is there anything I could put I between
to fill the gaps that would help bridge the gap.
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Moral of the story: when laying sod, butt the ends of the rolls upward into a triangular or teepee angle, _then_ press flat. That will prevent this from occurring.
If you hired a company to lay the sod, complain. They did it wrong, and it's an amateur's mistake.
Now that is has happened, if the degree of gap is fairly narrow you might be able to just keep it evenly moist and wait for it to knit together. If it's wider, you may want to try filling in at least the widest gaps with topsoil and again, either wait for the sod to fill in, or sprinkle some grass seed on top of the topsoil. Adding seed may result in an inconsistent appearance with regard to color and texture, since the likelihood of the varieties in the grass seed mixture matching the grass varieties grown in the sod are not high. Some people really care about that, most people don't.
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Moe DeLoughan
That's what I would do, if the gaps are large, throw in some top soil.
or sprinkle some grass seed on top of the topsoil. Adding seed may
Which is why I wouldn't do the seed, unless after a few months it fails to fill in on it's own. Sod typically has bluegrass as at least one component, if not the dominant or only one. Bluegrass will spread with rhizomes to repair empty areas, which is one reason it's used.
And make sure it get fertilized properly, that will help.
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