What bug is this, deux

What bug is this? It looks like a Cheerio, but it's medium dark brown,
and the circle isn't quite complete.
A robin has been eating a lot of them in my yard, right after I mowed it
(the yard, not the robin).
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I was able to get the running electic lawnmower** to within 6 feet of the robin, before it hopped away. Then it went on the other side of the lawnmower to another part I'd just mown. I guess the larvae were up in the grass and didnt' have time to hide in the 5 minutes since I mowed that part of the lawn.
I thought it was a grub too, and I looked up grub and it didn't look anything like it.
I think I have to look up "grub worm".
Okay, looked at in in Images. Wow, it's as long as a man's 3 milddle fingers are wide. Much bigger, longer and fatter, than a cheerio.
But the point is still made. it's the larva of something.
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