Virulent weed - need help

Hi there!
Hopefully someone can help. I've attached a pic of a weed that is
rapidly multiplying across my lawn. My regular weed and feed has no
effect, I try to rake worst of it out before mowing but it just comes
back stronger week by week.
Anyone know what it is and what I can do about it??
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Looks like chickweed to me. IDK if you have that in the UK or not, I'm near NYC. But it's one of the weeds that's harder to control with regular herbicides, so it fits in with it not responding to weed/feed. There are products designed for clover/oxalis/chickweed, look into those. And probably a good idea to pick up a bottle of spreader/ sticker, which you can add to any liquid herbicide to get better adhesion and makes it more effective.
I'm not a fan of weed/feed, except in certain cases, ie where the whole lawn really needs it. If you do regular lawn maintenance, just occasional spot treatment with a tank sprayer is not only more effective, but better for the environment, because you're not putting chemicals everywhere.
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