Weed identification

Hello, can anyone help toidentify this weed please and offer any
thoughts on how to eradicate it? I have tried the usual lawn weed &
feed in both granules & liquid but they don't seem to have any effect.
Many thanks for your help
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Looks like ground ivy:
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have it and try to control by pulling and Weed-B-Gone but it is persistent. Thanks to your post, I think I need the more effective herbicides.
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Yep, ground ivy.
"Found throughout the US, pacific northwest, Alaska, Canada, Europe, and Asia".
That range of locations and environments explains why the stuff is so hard to kill.
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Red wrote the following:
3rd vote for ground ivy. I have it in my lawn. The usual weed killer does kill it.
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I'd apply WeedBGone or whatever the local broadleaf weed killer is with a tank type sprayer. Don't screw around with weednfeed. Apply it at the max rate and adding one of the products that helps make it stick to the leaves can help. Should be able to find that at the garden shop. It may take a couple applications 10 days or so apart.
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