Fouling By Cats

Can anyone suggest how to stop cats fouling my front lawn, the street
has about 7 cats and 1 in particular has started fouling on the grass, I
managed to stop them fouling in flower beds, but trying to stop the
grass foul is driving me nuts, I have seen him do this early hours of
morning. tried sprays of cat repellant without sucess as we have had so
much rain,
Anyone have advice please
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Find someone in your area that does TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return). Cats that are neutered are less offensive in every way, less fighting, less noise, less marking of territory with urine. And, no baby cats.
I did it to eight cats in my neighborhood and the cat population is now easily manageable. Two new ones moved in and I'll have to take care of them soon or, well you know, more cats.
There are also motion activated sprinklers but I haven't tried any of them. Hopefully there is some sort of logic to prevent them from nailing the postman, etc.
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