Weeds...lot's of them!

I moved into a new property last year and have gradually been sorting
things out. The time has now come to 'fix' my garden. The plan is to
either turf it or grow grass from seed but at the moment it is covered
in weeds.
I need to kill all the weeds (80sqft garden) but would like to keep a
small tree which is planted in an area approx. 4sqft. What would be my
quickest/cheapest option??
Any help is appreciated...
P.s. I live in the North East of England in the UK & I am new to
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Glyphosate, Roundup being one brand sold here in the states. It works by being absorbed through the leaves. So, as long as you don't spray it on the tree, it will be fine. You can seed a week later if you like, but it usually takes 10 days or more for everything to die. May take two applications. I'd apply it at a higher than the minimal rate so it's more effective. Go with 5%. It's also much cheaper if you buy it as concentrate and use a 2 gallon tank sprayer to apply it instead of buying it pre-mixed.
One other factor, it's effectiveness decreases with temperature. The more actively growing the plants are, the easier they are to kill. So, don't wait too long when the weather starts to get colder.
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I agree, but would add a caution to pick a day when there is not rain in the forcast for a few days, if that is possible in England. The chemical needs at least 24+ hours without wash off to be absorbed by the weeds.
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Thanks for the responses guys. I'll give it a shot next weekend weather permitting!
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