Please help / advise me on the best and cheapest course of action for my garden

Hi folks.
I have a front garden area measuring approx 20*10 feet that originally
was covered with decorative pebbles.
After I removed the "ugly looking" pebbles, I was planning on possibly
grassing the area. However, after failing to level the area myself and
battling with finding the time etc, I let the area get a little out of
hand. It is now just an uneven area that is covered with very low level
growing "weeds".
What would be the best and CHEAPEST (seeing as I don't own the house)
method for growing a LEVEL grass area.
(what course of action preperations should I take) - I'm undecided on
turf, grass seed or a top soil and grass seed mix.
Advice would be appreciated.
(I live in Liverpool if anybody would like to come and take a look).
- will add pics later.
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It all depends on so many things that aren't stated. We don't even have a picture to look at. Like how unlevel is it? Is fill required? Is it suitable topsoil 6"+ deep or just hard packed gravel?
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