Help - Lots of weeds and need a new lawn

This is the first time I'm posting and hope i am posting in the right
Awhile ago my dad dug up the turf we had to make it level and planned to
reseed or relay the grass but my dad being my dad hasn't got round to it
and its been over a year now [​IMG] . i have dug the weeds out and
managed to level the soil but due to the weather not being the best im
back to sqaure one i have lots of weeds. my question is can i use weed
killer to kill all the weeds in the soil? is there another way to get
rid of these weeds? If I use weed killer how long do i have to leave it
before I can either put seeds down or use ready to lay lawn?
Please help I want my back garden to have grass again.
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You can treat it with Roundup (glyphosate) and reseed a week later. It will take that long or longer for the weeds to die anyway. And it may take 2 applications, at least in some spots, to get them all. Just make sure you don't use some long term herbicide that will prevent your new grass from growing.
is there another way to get
You could cover then up with black plastic until they die.
If I use weed killer how long do i have to leave it
You don't say where you are, but I assume it's the UK. Some factors to consider. Fall is the best time to be doing this. Less competition from weeds, cooler temps, less watering needed to establish, and then it has a long time before the heat stress of the next summer. If you can't water this area now and during summer, you're probably headed for trouble. Just starting now, the grass isn't going to have good, deep roots before hot weather hits. And if you can, then expect to have to deal with the weed problem once the grass is established enough.
If I were doing this, I'd kill it off with Roundup, make sure everything is dead, mow it short as possible, rake up debris. I'd fill in any low spots with top soil if needed. Then I'd rent an overseeder, which is a power machine that cuts grooves into the soil and drops the seed. It's not only the easiest way, it gives you the seed/soil contact that's essential to good germination. You could also use a core aerator, then apply the seed. Core aerator is a good idea if the soil is compacted too. Apply starter fertilizer and keep constantly damp, which is probably 3X a day lightly, until it starts to grow, then back off the watering so it's deeper, just once a day. As it continues to grow, back off the watering more, long term you want to water it a couple times a week, unless there is rain. Make sure you use a high quality grass seed that's appropriate for the conditions. It' better to pay $100 for good seed, than spend $30 on some crap.
You should also test the PH and adjust if needed. Here they have test kits you can buy at home centers, garden shops, etc.
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