Will a lawn fertilizer (30-0-3) cause flowers to NOT bloom?

My wife seems to think that when my lawn fertilizer (30-0-3) gets into
her flower bed, it causes the flowers to put out more leaves and less
blooms. Specifically lillys.
True - or false?
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Lawn Guy
Depends on how much gets in there. A little bit probably won't hurt, but if you're talking a standard application, well then you'll probably end up with much taller plants and potentially fewer flowers.
I made that mistake my first year of gardening, when I was a teenager. I later used it as an example of over-use of fertilizer in my talks I gave as a master gardener: "The first year I grew broccoli, it was four feet tall. The stems were thick as baseball bats. I was so proud! I waited all season, but it never set heads..."
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Moe DeLoughan

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