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I bought this turf from B'nQ and put it down about a month ago. larg
sections of it went brown but a fair bit of it took and looks prett
healthy. I wondered if there were any products / advice that coul
encourage the healthy stuff to spread? Currently I'm watering at 07:0
in the morning and evening with a jet hose.
Any advice gratefully accepted
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I've never seen such a perfect patchwork of sod where some sections are perfect and others are a total zero. Assuming the soil was relatively uniform, the sod and installation were the same, I can't begin to guess what went wrong.
But to answer your question, whether the grass will spread depends on what kind of grass it is, which you didn't say. If it's a clump type grass, like tall fescue, it will not spread. If it's bluegrass, it will spread slowly over time. But from a practical standpoint, it doesn't matter. The only thing that's going to make that look good without waiting and tending to it for years is to replace the failed sections.
A month into establishment, I'd look into gradually reducing the watering.
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